"I had no life. Triple Care Farm saved my life."


The COVID-19 virus is impacting everyone, causing so much disruption and fear.  In times of crisis, when poverty and domestic violence increase, our most vulnerable young people are at greater risk.

The team at Triple Care Farm continue their life changing work, but we need your help. It is more costly than ever to deliver much needed help to each young person, due to social distancing rules and ensuring the safety of both staff and students.

This story from a graduate, Sam, shows how much impact your belief and gift can make.

In three short years Sam went from sporty teenager to involuntary admission to a hospital psychiatric ward. Incoherent and confused, her body (liver failure) and mind were breaking down. A diagnosis of schizophrenia followed.

Sam was at a crossroads.

‘I had no life. Mum was told to give up work to look after me for the rest of my short-lived life.’

Sam started at Triple Care Farm shortly after, admitting it was the hardest time of her life. With sobering insight, she says that a life of drugs was far easier than the farm.

But the glorious morning she woke with a clear head, free from paranoia and voices, she knew she had turned a corner. Crediting the counselling sessions for providing her with hope, goals and optimism, Triple Care Farm had saved her life.

In the 12 years following, Sam has gained qualifications in Youth Work, Mental Health and most recently graduated as a Paramedic. She is employed today helping mentally unwell people control their weight and physical health. Post graduate studies are her next goal!

Remember, this is the same young woman whose mother was told she would need to leave her job to support her short-lived life.

In these uncertain times, the young people at Triple Care Farm are each working hard at building their future, thanks to people like you. With the end of the financial year soon upon us, please support our work today by clicking ‘donate’ above.

Read Sam’s full story and this video of her address to the 2019 Triple Care Farm Graduates.

Thank you for your support of our family foundation.